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Reality !! about current generation females

    Reality !! about current generation females

70’s in India normal Families won’t allow their daughters to go out from their home to school, college for studies, even in girl’s only school, college because they feel insecure, unknown fear, anxiety about her, specially mother, who is also a woman(daughter also), how ridicules it is? Having those intentions about daughter, while being a daughter (woman) himself .Really narrow minded, disgusting peoples they were.

This is the reason for Indian government to start “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan”, to motivate parents, to allow their daughters for studies.

What’s happening now, current time? After 35-40 years :-

1-      75% Female, studying professional degree courses, having relationship with their classmates.

2-      Hundreds of illegal abortion cases of students (daughters), are recorded every year .In which they use restricted (banned) medicines, hidden maternity clinics etc, to abort unwanted new life. Because of convenience, majority of daughters(students) choose restricted medical pill RU486, many of them died during abortion attempt, because these medicines are strictly advised using under medical supervision and should use before six or seven weeks of pregnancy, after that time period of pregnancy using this medicine is fatal !!

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